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        Images Submission Rules

        1. You must have a signed release for the images, Images sent without submission/Release images will be destroyed.

        2. A PHOTO WITH THE MODEL HOLDING HER ID AND ONE OF JUST THE id. (if possible we understand if images were taken before you got these requirements.)

        3. Images submitted must be 300 DPI and High-quality images.

        4. Images taken need to be classy with correct lighting we are looking for a Playboy or Penthouse look.

        5. You need to submit 8 to 12 images 2 of them need to be PG or Implied versions the rest nude. (More Image Can be submitted if needed.)

        6. If possible a Teaser Video and/or video of the behind the scene. All video should be showing the model in one of the outfits from the shoot saying that they are shooting for Erotic Spread Magazine. (This is for the Promotion of the magazine and model.)

        7. Include the following information with images Model Name, names of the makeup artist, photographer, hairstyles, Management Company if any, and location shoot.

        8. Get Interview Questions Fill out by the model this is for the models magazine spread and website promotion. Note the questionnaires are broken up into categories. Please click to get a copy of the questionnaire for the correct category for model you are shooting. The category are Porn Star, Exotic Dancer, and Model. If the link for the categories is not working you can contact us at for a copy of Questionnaires.